Trump’s trial is about more than sex and money. It’s about what presidents ‘can get away with’

Trump’s trial is about more than sex and money. It’s about what presidents ‘can get away with’ The adult film star. The betraying bagman. The brash billionaire. The plot reads like a “Sopranos” episode, a shadowy narrative of a nation’s sins and troubling divisions, its characters converging in a New York courtroom where, for the … Read more

Businessman a Harsh, Blunt Political Force : Ventura: Thrift store magnate Ray Ellison is called by some a man of integrity. To others, he’s the godfather of mudslinging.

Thrift store millionaire Ray Ellison leaned back in his office chair and laughed. He knows a liar when he sees one, he said. And he knows a liberal. He doesn’t like either. “I called him a slimeball, scum-sucking liar,” said Ellison, 65, reciting a description of then-Ventura Mayor Dennis Orrock that he painted on a … Read more

Perot Once Chastised ‘Doogie Howser’ : Politics: He cited one episode as an example of TV’s negative effect on the family months before calling Quayle’s ‘Murphy Brown’ comments ‘goofy.’

Months before he ridiculed Vice President Dan Quayle’s criticism of TV’s Murphy Brown as “goofy,” undeclared presidential candidate Ross Perot sternly criticized another fictional television character, Doogie Howser, for going to bed with his girlfriend. Referring to a controversial episode of “Doogie Howser, M.D.” during which the two 18-year-olds lost their virginity, Perot said it … Read more

Pro-Israel Campaign Spending Up Sharply

Spending by pro-Israel political action committees on congressional campaigns has increased at a far sharper rate in the 1980s than election spending by PACs as a whole, Common Cause said Thursday. Common Cause said Thursday that the groups supporting Israel gave House and Senate candidates $373,850 in the 1979-80 election cycle, $1,894,800 in 1981-82 and … Read more

No Time to Cite Source, He Says : Biden Stirs Row by Using Lines From Briton’s Talk

A feud began brewing Saturday between the presidential campaigns of Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) and Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) after published accounts that Biden had used part of a speech by a prominent British politician without giving him credit. Biden acknowledged using the Briton’s lines without attribution. He said it had occurred … Read more

Why Riordan Can’t Be Governor

As L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan weighs a possible bid for the Republican nomination for governor of California, he might ponder an unpleasant fact: had the electorate he faced in 1993 been the same as the one in 2001, he probably would have lost. California has undergone tremendous political change in the past eight years, a … Read more

8 things to know about Senate hopeful Loretta Sanchez’s 20-year political career

Rep. Loretta Sanchez at the 2015 California Democratic Party convention in Anaheim. (Patrick T. Fallon/ For The Los Angeles Times) Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez says her expertise on national defense and global security in an era of worldwide volatility and deadly terrorist attacks makes her the clear choice in California’s U.S. Senate race. Throughout her campaign, Sanchez has held up her … Read more

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