Supreme Court hears 1st Amendment clash on whether Texas and Florida can regulate social media

The conservative Supreme Court will consider whether Texas and Florida, the two largest Republican states, can regulate what appears on social media sites. (Jacquelyn Martin / Associated Press) The Supreme Court will consider Monday whether Florida and Texas can regulate social media to protect “conservative speech,” or instead whether Facebook, You Tube, TikTok and others … Read more

Bill Would Force Lottery Winners to Repay Aid

You’re poor, so poor you’re on welfare, squeezing rent, groceries and utility payments out of a meager government check. Money’s tight, but each week you toss a few dollars at the lottery, your long-odds shot at instant wealth. State Sen. Tim Leslie (R-Carnelian Bay) would like to object. He says welfare recipients “should not gamble … Read more

He Smirks; He’s Too Stiff . . . Which Is the Winning Personality?

Eighteen months ago, Bill Clinton was battling impeachment and the country was obsessed with presidential character. Now, as the country prepares to choose his successor, attention has shifted–to George W. Bush’s smirk and Al Gore’s stiffness. The Texas governor and the vice president fire off competing position papers on retirement income and educational testing standards. … Read more

Reagan Shrugs Off Election: You ‘Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’

President Reagan, shrugging off a landslide election loss in the Senate he had barnstormed the nation two months to avert, pledged today to keep pressing ahead with his programs and promised, “Washington ain’t seen nothing yet.” In a pep talk to White House staffers, Reagan congratulated the winners of both parties in Tuesday’s midterm elections … Read more

The great California casino caper

THE $7BILLION THAT PASSES through California’s Indian gaming facilities already surpasses the collective take of all the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Our state is home to more than 50 Nevada-style gambling resorts, more than 60,000 slot machines and hundreds of blackjack and poker tables. Throw in the lottery and horse racing, and we’re … Read more

The RNC, like the government, is another Trump family affair

Donald Trump Jr., from left, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times) It’s the Republicans’ party. But it’s been Donald, Melania, Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric and Donald Trump Jr.’s show for a while now. Families are a feature at many political conventions, … Read more

Measures Makes Her Mark in Ventura, but Stirs Up Foes

Rosa Lee Measures dreams of spending a week on a serene island, far away from ringing telephones, a bickering City Council and endless appointments. But with her schedule crowded with more and more commitments, that trip seems destined to remain a fantasy. Since she swept into office 16 months ago, the highest vote-getter in a … Read more

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