Opinion: To Donald Trump, from the undocumented immigrant who graduated alongside your daughter

Dear Donald, I’m sure you don’t remember me. You sat in the third row of my high school graduation wearing a loud salmon pink tie. Your daughter Tiffany and I had spent six years together at Viewpoint School, a small bastion of privilege nestled alongside Mulholland Highway. As you watched the ceremony, you probably didn’t … Read more

Amy Tan journeys from novelist to naturalist without leaving her backyard

A page of notes on sketches about ruby-crowned kinglets from “The Backyard Bird Chronicles.” (Courtesy of Knopf ) Book Review The Backyard Bird Chronicles By Amy TanKnopf: 320 pages, $35If you buy books linked on our site, The Times may earn a commission from Bookshop.org, whose fees support independent bookstores. Most birders have origin stories, … Read more

The Nation – News from Aug. 13, 1987

Senators running for reelection in 1988 are raising far more money in the early stages of the election cycle than they did in their previous races and are far more dependent on campaign contributions from political action committees, according to a study released by Common Cause. The Senate’s champion fund-raiser so far, according to the … Read more

Shōgun star Anna Sawai left with gnarly injury after ‘gruelling’ episode 9 scene that took days to film

Viewers were on the edges of their seats during the tense altercation (Picture: FX/Disney Plus) For weeks, FX’s series Shōgun on Disney Plus has left viewers around the world gripped as they anxiously wait to find out what’s going to happen to Toranaga, Blackthorne and Mariko. The latest instalment of the show, episode 9, is … Read more

Column: For Israel and Ukraine alike, U.S. support is proving unreliable and inadequate

A mural in Tel Aviv depicting President Biden as Captain America defending Israel. (Leo Correa / Associated Press) After Iran’s massive drone and missile attack on Israel Saturday, President Biden reportedly told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “You got a win. Take the win.” Most of the weapons, the first Iran had ever fired on … Read more

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