Body found in hunt for missing TV doctor Michael Mosley on Greek island Symi

The body of Dr Michael Mosley has been discovered.
A body has been found in the search for Dr Michael Mosley after he disappeared on the Greek island of Symi (Picture: Rex/ Getty)

A body has been found in the search for Michael Mosley after he went missing on the Greek island of Symi.

It was reported that the body was found near a chain link fence separating the luxurious beach resort of Agia Marina and the area known as The Abyss, with a purple umbrella found lying close by.

Police are on the way to the site, with the body found by British journalists reporting from the island.

The news was confirmed to the BBC by a rescue worker.

The remains are awaiting formal identification.

Soon after the news was broken, Piers Morgan posted on social media saying it was a ‘very sad development’ in the search for the missing presenter.

Michael Mosley in 2013.
The TV and radio presenter went missing on Wednesday (Picture: Maureen McLean/Shutterstock)

The news was also shared with BBC viewers during Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.

‘Now, we just have some important and sad breaking news to bring you this morning,’ the host shared.

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‘There is very little detail so far, but we can tell you a body has been found in the search for TV and radio presenter Michael Mosley.

‘That’s according to a rescue worker in Greece who has spoken this morning to the BBC.’

Professor Alice Roberts, who has presented a range of BBC documentaries over the years also shared the following: ‘Extremely sad news from the Greek island of Symi where it seems the body of Michael Mosley has been found, after 5 days of searching for him. My heart goes out to his family.’

The TV star set off for a coastal walk on Wednesday while on holiday on the tiny island but did not return, prompting several theories as to his whereabouts.

The devastating news comes a day after his wife Dr Clare Bailey Mosley shared she would ‘not lose hope’ days after his disappearance.

‘It has been three days since Michael left the beach to go for a walk. The longest and most unbearable days for myself and my children,’ she said.

‘The search is ongoing and our family are so incredibly grateful to the people of Symi, the Greek authorities and the British Consulate who are working tirelessly to help find Michael.

‘We will not lose hope.’

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CCTV appears to show missing Michael Mosley leaving village
The search for Dr Michael Mosley has entered its fourth day, with rescue teams moving to the mountains (Picture: BBC)

His wife Dr Bailey originally raised the alarm when he didn’t return to their Pedi base from St Nikolas Beach at 7:30pm on Wednesday.

A representative for Dr Michael Mosley told on Thursday: ‘We have no further information yet and are sitting tight hoping for some good news.’

The mayor of the island, Eleftherios Papakalodoukas previously said it was ‘impossible’ that he still is where witnesses claim they saw him return from the beach, due to the small size of the area.

Theories included that Moseley may have walked along a steep uphill concrete road from Pedi which leads to ‘very dangerous’ rocky terrain.

On day four, the search moved from the sea, and into the mountains.

An image taken from a computer screen of a CCTV and released to Reuters on June 7, 2024, shows what is believed to be British TV doctor Michael Mosley on a street on the Greek island of Symi, Greece.
Mosley appeared to be captured on CCTV having made it to the village of Pedi in footage released on Friday (Picture: REUTERS)

Dr. Michael Mosley holding a painkiller
Mosley has presented multiple documentaries (Picture: BBC/Wingspan Productions/Dan Murdoch)

Map of Symi
Dr Mosley went missing on Saint Nikolas Beach

On Friday’s Good Morning Britain, ITV presenter Kate Garraway described the situation as ‘very worrying’ as journalist Niki Kitsantonis, who is based in Greece, shared fears about what might have happened to him.

Speaking on the show, Niki Kitsantonis reported: ‘There are fears he might have slipped.

‘It’s quite rugged terrain in that area, and there are lots of high points you could slip off.

‘The mayor of the island is worried he was perhaps swept away at sea.’

Police have also said there has been ‘no trace of him’.

The searching for Mosley has been arduous and treacherous as temperatures on the tiny island have been reaching 40 degrees Celsius, adding to the fears of his safety.

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General View of Symi Island in Greece
The Greek island of Symi where the TV personality and columnist has gone missing (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The Mayor of Symi Eleftherios Papakalodoukas also reportedly said: ‘He came back from the beach, some people saw him but then his tracks were lost.’

A familiar face on British TV, fans have shared their well-wishes for Mosley, and are hoping that he is found soon.

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