Montreal weather: R is for roses, H is for humidex

The humidex — hitting 26 C on Thursday — comes alongside a UV index of 7, or high.

Just a few more showers, friends, and then it’s mostly sunny skies for days and days.

Expect a high of 22 C Thursday, with humidex of 26 and a UV index of 7, or high. At night, a low of 13 C.

Meanwhile in Indonesia

Indonesian authorities seeded clouds on Wednesday, trying to prevent further rain and flash floods after deluges that hit Sumatra Island over the weekend left at least 67 people dead and another 20 missing.

Monsoon rains triggered a landslide of mud and cold lava from Mount Marapi, eventually causing rivers to breach their banks. The deluge tore through mountainside villages in four districts in West Sumatra province just before midnight on Saturday.

The floods swept away people and dozens of homes and submerged hundreds of houses and buildings, forcing more than 1,500 families to flee to temporary government shelters, according to National Disaster Management Agency spokesperson Abdul Muhari.

Cloud seeding involves dispersing particles into clouds to create precipitation, thereby modifying the weather.

National Disaster Management Agency chief Suharyanto said the aim of Wednesday’s action was to redirect the rain elsewhere and keep the search operation free of downpours, which could hamper the rescuers’ progress.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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