Letters to the Editor: The LAX ‘horseshoe’ is a cluster. Try these solutions before the People Mover opens

Vehicles crowd the departure drop-off lanes on the "horseshoe" road at LAX in 2021.

Vehicles crowd the departure drop-off lanes on the “horseshoe” road at LAX in 2021.
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: To no one’s surprise, the operational start of the People Mover at Los Angeles International Airport — which will connect the terminals to transit, long-term parking and rental cars — will be delayed. With that fully foreseeable reality, because it is, after all, LAX, I submit my interim solution to the cluster that has long been the norm of picking up and dropping off people at LAX.

The complete lack of any solutions to fix the drop-off/pickup problem at LAX is inexcusable. I have some ideas:

Charge a $20 fee to every vehicle entering the airport to drop off or pick up a passenger.

Buy or lease multiple locations within a 15-minute shuttle ride to LAX. People could be dropped off or picked up at these locations, where passengers could be shuttled to and from the terminals.

You’re welcome, LAX “officials.”

Dean Pratt, Los Angeles


To the editor: So, the People Mover will be delayed a year.

I once interviewed a local contractor for an engineering job for a project with the same name. I saw renderings that looked like the one pictured in The Times. That was 1971, or 53 years ago.

Surely, we can wait another year for it.

Thomas Butterworth, Tustin

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