Los Angeles police forms task force to counter foreign gangs exploiting US visa system to target luxury homes

The Los Angeles Police Department has formed a task force to counter a rise in gangs from Latin America that have been targeting luxury homes in Southern California.   In a notice last week, the LAPD said it “recognizes the increase in burglaries where homes in affluent neighborhoods are targeted.”  “I can tell you that we have a significant … Read more

March Madness regional breakdowns: Teams and players to watch

North Carolina forward Armando Bacot dunks against North Carolina State during the ACC championship game on Saturday night. (Alex Brandon / Associated Press) 1 The NCAA tournament bracket is set and the games are set to begin Tuesday with the start of the First Four. Here’s a rundown of the players to watch, potential Cinderella … Read more

Abortion as a Presidential Issue

In the course of the final two presidential debates, Sen. John Kerry stated that it would violate the 1st Amendment’s prohibition against governmental enactment of an “exclusively” religious belief to legislate his Catholic antiabortion belief by voting against, or otherwise acting against, the legalization of abortion. At best here, Kerry has betrayed a misunderstanding of … Read more

Opinion: California has to worry about measles again. But there’s hope

Parents’ decision to reject the measles vaccine for their children has increased the risk of outbreaks in California and elsewhere. (Eric Risberg / Associated Press) The measles virus is resurging in the U.S. despite the long-standing availability of a vaccine that provides nearly life-long immunity. In the past few weeks, hundreds of people were exposed … Read more

Checchi: He Still Aims at the Top

Al Checchi gazes into his past, quickly calming the frenetic energy that has kept him squirming in a desk chair at his gubernatorial campaign headquarters. He lowers the chair, which he has been balancing on its hind legs like a suit-coated acrobat on a high wire. He is remembering a time when he was flying … Read more

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