PRO TIPS: Paige Spiranac gives advice to fellow golfers with larger chests

Paige Spiranac fans may have noticed the golfer posting a lot of slow-motion videos as of late.

Aside from her followers getting a detailed look at her swing, the influencer has also found that it is helping her and, in turn, allowing her to help other golfers who suffer the same busty plight she does.

“I’ve been doing these slo-mo videos and in all seriousness it’s wild seeing what my chest has to do through the swing so my arms can clear lol,” she wrote.

“I can totally understand why women with larger chests who pick up the game feel stuck and uncomfortable.”

For women experiencing similar issues, Spiranac had a simple suggestion on arm placement.

“My tip is under on the right arm and over the chest on the left at set up,” she advises, presumably for right-handed golfers.

“Also stand a little farther away from the ball!” she added.

The first of many slo-mo swing videos came last week when Spiranac “crushed” a drive — though viewers didn’t actually see how far her ball flew.

Her form, however, looked great, as did a swing she showed off three days later.

“You loved the slow mo swing so much I had to do another one,” she wrote.

Spiranac also added a slower versions of a ponytail flip, along with a shot out of the bunker.

Her slo-mo posts come as she tried another sport: competitive eating, which followed news that longtime champion Joey Chestnut and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest had parted ways.


On July 4, she tried to break her own record.

But when the thought of it made her “want to gag,” she opted to instead show the techniques she picked up from some of the “best hotdog eaters in the world.”

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