NYT editorial board doubles down on Biden dropping out so he can stop ‘embarrassing himself’

The editorial board of the New York Times has issued another opinion piece calling for Democrats to publicly denounce President Biden’s 2024 bid after he failed to ease worries about his mental fitness last week.

The outlet first called on the embattled 81-year-old president to suspend his campaign the day after his disastrous debate against Donald Trump in Atlanta, where he showed signs of confusion and froze up on stage.

The Times has added in a scathing follow-up that since the June 27 debate, Biden has “offered little comfort” to Democrats who want him to abandon his likely party nomination and step aside for another candidate.

The headline for the New York Times editorial board’s latest sharp criticism of President Biden says it all. NY Times

Biden “has maintained a scripted and controlled schedule of public appearances. He has largely avoided taking questions from voters or journalists — the kinds of interactions that reveal his limitations and caused him so much trouble on the debate stage,” the Times’ editorial board wrote.

“And when he has cast aside his teleprompter, most notably during a 22-minute interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Friday, he has continued to appear as a man in decline.”

Biden has insisted he will stay in the race, even as calls mount from within his own party for him to step down. Kyle Mazza/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

The concern about his mental acuity is so great that Democrats “from the grass roots to the highest levels of the party” need to “speak plainly” to Biden and tell he’s “embarrassing himself and endangering his legacy,” the Times said.

“He needs to hear, plain and clear, that he is no longer an effective spokesman for his own priorities.

“President Biden clearly understands the stakes. But he seems to have lost track of his own role in this national drama. As the situation has become more dire, he has come to regard himself as indispensable,” the editorial board said.

“He does not seem to understand that he is now the problem — and that the best hope for Democrats to retain the White House is for him to step aside.”

Several congressional Democrats have expressed public concern about Biden in the last week and called for him to step aside.

But the Times said the number of Democrats willing to speak publicly is just not enough and that the “whisper campaign” of Democrats patiently waiting for Biden to come to the decision on his own is “inadequate” for this “urgent” moment.

The president has been protected by his aides for years with the frequent use of teleprompters, pre-screened questions, infrequent spontaneous press conferences and hand-picked journalists. Biden’s “off the cuff” statements are usually in response to brief, shouted questions.

Biden sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos for an interview post-debate, but it only resulted in some gaffes and him arguing the polls are wrong. ABC

The editorial board argued the octogenarian is trying to “defy reality” by not seriously acknowledging the constant surveys showing a majority of Americans have concerns about his health and mental state.

By ignoring the polling numbers, Biden is putting “the country at significant risk by continuing to insist that he is the best Democrat to defeat Mr. Trump,” the Times wrote.

What to know about the fallout from President Biden’s debate performance:

The board criticized Biden for his Monday letter to congressional Democrats insisting that he will not drop out. The Times noted that he did not once mention the concerns about his mental acuity or the debate.

Refusing to acknowledge other possibilities for a candidate “is dismissing the potential candidacy of Vice President Kamala Harris or any other younger, more vigorous Democrat, and in effect asking the American people to trust him instead of their own lying eyes,” the piece went on.

Biden dropping out before the Democrats officially select him as the nominee would ease the process for the party in selecting his replacement.

Biden looks on blankly as he participates in the first presidential debate. AFP via Getty Images

Protesters gather outside a local middle school where Biden held a rally July 5 in Madison, Wis. Getty Images

The Times said Biden’s argument that he was chosen electorally through prior state primaries doesn’t hold water because the system was set up as a “coronation” at the time.

Biden’s insistence that voters look to his record, not his age, is an argument, the Times wrote. But there is no guarantee his record will continue, and now, not dropping out could ensure Trump gets another term.

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