Mazda adds hybrid to 2025 CX-50, starts at $40,000

Prices are up roughly $1,000 on average, but an expanded number of trim options are on tap for this model year

  • For 2025, Mazda’s bringing a hybrid powertrain to CX-50, providing a third engine option
  • That means power output will now be either 187, 219, or 256 horses
  • MSRPs increase by roughly $1,000 across most trims, with a base price of CDN$39,950

This means there is now a trio of engine options facing CX-50 customers. The base naturally-aspirated 2.5L four-banger makes 187 horsepower and a like amount of torque on regular fuel; while the hybrid is good for 219 ponies but just 164 lb-ft of twist (also on 87 octane). Top-dog turbo trims, of which there are two, plus an options package, can produce 256 horses and 310 torques, but only when fed a steady diet of premium 93-octane gasoline. Using regular 87-octane fuel cuts those figures to 227 and 310, respectively.

Pricing for the non-turbo GS-L and GT trims settles at $39,950 and $45,350, which are only small walks from the 2024 models. But it is the new hybrid in which we are most interested in examining, especially since its GS-L is priced at $42,950. While this author will raise an eyebrow at the hybrid’s weakling-grade torque figure, it is worth noting Mazda is boasting a remarkable 6.2 L/100 km economy rating on the combined cycle for the hybrid. The continuously variable transmission surely plays a role here — and if all this sounds very Toyota-like, give yerself a gold star.

This compares favourably to both the 2.5L NA and 2.5L turbo, which have 8.9 and 9.4 as their official ratings. This means owners driving an average of 20,000 kilometres a year could save upwards of 600 litres of fuel per annum; at today’s prices, it would only take about three years to make up the price difference between equivalent trims of the non-turbo and hybrid. Though do be aware if you’re planning on towing: the hybrid is limited to 680 kg (1,500 lbs) while the 2.5L NA is good for 907 kg (2,000 lb) and the 2.5L turbo can haul 1,588 kg (3,500 lbs).

An interesting side note is that official numbers for rear head- and legroom in the hybrid CX-50 are slightly less than they are for other variants. Overall cargo room is also a bit smaller, at 825 litres (29.2 cubic feet) compared to 890 litres (31.4 cubes) This is likely due to packaging for its new 1.6-kWh battery and multiple electric motors deployed by the hybrid system.

The least expensive turbocharged model in 2025 is a GT trim which slots in at $47,850, a couple of thousand dollars less than the ask for last year’s Meridian (which was the most common way to get a turbocharged CX-50 in 2024). That trim remains for this model year, but rises to $50,350, or $51,750 for anyone layering on the Apex package, which is basically just roof-mounted black crossbars and a roof platform.

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