Jon Stewart accuses Dems of effectively telling voters to ‘Get on board’ with Biden ‘ or shut the f–k up’

Jon Stewart blasted Democrats for ignoring voters’ fears and keeping President Biden in the election — accusing them of effectively telling Americans to “Get on board or shut the f–k up.”

“The Daily Show” host stated bluntly that standing by the “suffocating gerontocracy” of Biden in the light of his alarming debate performance was a threat to “our democracy.”

“An arthritic status quo, unable or unwilling to respond in any way to the concerns of voters who just received new and urgent information about their candidate also erodes confidence and faith in the system of government,” Stewart warned during his monologue Monday night.

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart on Monday called out Democrats for refusing to listen to voters’ concerns about President Joe Biden’s run for re-election. The Daily Show

“‘Get on board or shut the f–k up’ is not a particularly compelling pro-democracy bumper sticker. Nor is, ‘Whattya gonna do?’” Stewart said of the Democrats’ refusal to listen to voters’ mushrooming fears.

Stewart also ridiculed the suggestion that there’s no time to replace Biden four months before the election.

“Four months is for f—ing ever!” he said. “Britain just held an election in two months. France had two in one month, defeated fascism and still had time to have an affair with Denmark,” he joked.

“There are contestants on ‘The Bachelor’ who haven’t even met yet that will get married and divorced between now and the election. We have nothing but time,” he joked.

Stewart said that at the very least the Democratic Party needs to take positive action to assuage disenchanted voters.

“Can’t we stress test this candidacy?” Stewart asked.

“Can’t we open up the conversation? Do you understand the opportunity here? Do you have any idea how thirsty Americans are for any hint of inspiration or leadership, and a release from this choice between a megalomaniac and a suffocating gerontocracy?”

Stewart concluded his monologue by suggesting that hold what would essentially be a Democratic convention.

“On Monday, anybody who wants to, gives their sales pitch of how they can make democracy more responsive to the people it is supposed to serve.”

“On Tuesday,” he continued, “The winners could move on to the next round and then face Biden… Thursday, the party emerges, energized, unified, sanctified. You could televise the entire proceeding for four days.”

“So, feel free to ignore any obvious weaknesses in your team’s existential fight for freedom and democracy, and then just white-knuckle this thing till November. Or take the advice of your own candidate…” Stewart said before playing a clip of Biden in which he says there are “about 50” other Democrats who could beat Donald Trump in the election.

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