Video shows cockroaches crawling around Indian airline plane

Social media users were grossed out by the cockroaches in a food prep area

Passengers on an Indian budget airline have had it with bugs on a plane.

A video published last week shows creepy crawlies on a plane from the Indian airline IndiGo.

“Cockroaches and in the food area of a plane (anywhere for that matter) are just truly awful,” wrote Indian journalist Tarun Shukla on X. “One hopes @IndiGo6E takes a hard look at its fleet and checks how did this even happen given that it normally flies relatively new @Airbus A320s.”

Shukla later followed up, posting a statement from IndiGo.

“Our staff promptly took the necessary action onboard. As a precautionary measure, we immediately cleaned the entire fleet and carried out fumigation and disinfection procedures,” the statement reads.

Several social media users posted quips or statements of disgust.

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