Yet another supermarket slashes prices of baby formula following Metro campaign

CARDIFF, WALES - JANUARY 18: A close-up of a Morrisons store sign on January 18, 2022 in Cardiff, Wales. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)
Morrisons has taken steps to slash prices of formula (Picture: Getty)

Another major supermarket has announced it will cut the price of infant formula in a win for Metro’s Formula for Change initiative.

Morrison’s has slashed the price of eight Aptamil lines and will allow customers who receive Health Start vouchers towards their infant formula.

It comes as supermarkets Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Iceland already reduced Aptamil baby formula prices after manufacturer Danone agreed to a 7% price cut to retailers.

Under current legislation, parents cannot use loyalty points or vouchers to save money on the necessary product.

Prices of even the cheapest baby formula brands have skyrocketed by 45% in the past two years.

And many baby banks in the UK – similar to food banks – can’t cope with the demand as the cost of living crisis worsens.

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Morrison’s is the latest supermarket to join the initiative (Picture: Getty)

Asda previously cut the prices of five Aptamil core products, dropping from either £14.50 or £14 to £13.50, while Aptamil Advanced 1 First Formula Baby Milk Powder from Birth will fall from £19 to £18.

The executive chair of Iceland also slammed the increased prices of baby formula, labelling it as ‘exploitation’.

Richard Walker, executive chair of Iceland supermarkets, previously said: ‘We need this to stop immediately.

‘There is a cost of living crisis. Some people cannot afford to feed their babies. This is a real issue with real consequences and we need to do something about it. It now costs £14.50 for a week’s supply of infant formula.

‘It’s crazy and I don’t know how some people can afford it. It’s a myth to say people should rely on breast milk which many can’t do.’

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Parents and their babies are suffering from the soaring costs (Picture: Getty)

In December 2023, a new report revealed the skyrocketing cost of baby formula is having a ‘devastating’ effect on families.

Some 65% of women surveyed for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) revealed they felt anxious or worried about the cost of formula – which has risen by 25% in just two years.

One box of the cheapest formula milk costs more than the £8.50 per week voucher families on benefits can claim.


Join and Feed in calling on the government to urgently review their infant formula legislation and give retailers the green light to accept loyalty points, all food bank vouchers and store gift cards as payment for infant formula.

Our aim is to take our petition to No.10 to show the Prime Minister this is an issue that can no longer be ignored.

The more signatures we get, the louder our voice, so please click here to sign our Formula for Change petition.

Things need to change NOW.

BPAS concluded that ‘bolder, long term solutions’ are needed, such as price caps or subsidised national infant milk.

Some 99% of babies are fed formula milk, either entirely or partially, in the first six months of life, BPAS said.


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