Cuts to School Budget Won’t Make the Grade

Re “Davis Hints at Major School Cuts,” Dec. 4: I’m confused. President Bush wants “No Child Left Behind,” but based on Gov. Gray Davis’ latest budget “hint,” now every child will be left behind. And Assembly Education Committee Chairwoman Jackie Goldberg (D-Los Angeles), an ex-teacher, thinks that this is OK?

Hey, are these politicians smoking some illegal substance or is there something in the political air?

You are reading: Cuts to School Budget Won’t Make the Grade

Esther Gass

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Los Angeles


The thinking among educators about Proposition 98’s funding guarantees was that the proposition was meant to be the floor of the education budget, not the ceiling.

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Besides, Gray, why are you trying to put more on the backs of teachers by making this proposed cut? We all work harder than you do.

Wil Scarrow


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