JetBlue flight from JFK to LAX turned back to gate when Jax Taylor’s first class seat malfunctioned

Vanderpump the brakes.

An annoyed source tells Page Six that “Vanderpump Rules” star Jax Taylor allegedly caused a flight from JFK to LAX to turn around on the runway last week, causing a massive delay.

You are reading: JetBlue flight from JFK to LAX turned back to gate when Jax Taylor’s first class seat malfunctioned

“It made the plane two-and-a-half hours late because they were already on the runway, and it was raining,” said a steamed source who added that buzz aboard the plane was that the reality star was having a fit over his seat not reclining.

But Taylor’s rep tells Page Six the reality star didn’t have a ‘tude, and that the delay wasn’t his fault — a faulty seat was to blame.

“The plane did not come back [to the gate] due to any uproar,” said the rep. “His seat was in the bed position in first class, and the plane is unable to take off if it is not upright. He was not able to sit in that seat. It was not working. It was not his fault that the seat wouldn’t move from the bed position.”  

There was an alleged delay on a flight from JFK to LAX due to issues with Jax Taylor’s seat.
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We hear passengers were “frustrated” when Jax Taylor’s seat malfunctioned aboard a flight.

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Either way, the delay still caused a headache for international travelers on the plane, who subsequently had to scramble to get to their next flights and make connections.

“There were 13 passengers going to Singapore and China who had to rush off the plane. They had, like, an hour to deplane and get to the other terminal before the doors closed,” said our source.

The flyer tell us it was initially unclear what the hubbub was all about. “People were upset, but not like rioting, just frustrated and gossiping when we returned and parked at the gate.”

Passengers took to X to gossip over Taylor’s flight.

Much like a plotline from his Bravo show, Taylor, 44, ended up perhaps unfairly getting the blame.

One peeved passenger tweeted of the delay, “Turns out it was some D-list reality TV person.”

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Other online commenters then also piled on.

Taylor was in NYC to host the opening of a new speakeasy.

We’re told Taylor was sitting in JetBlue Mint, which according to the airline features “a fully lie-flat seat built with Tuft & Needle’s T&N Adaptive® Foam cushions, a memory foam pillow and a customizable blanket.”

The reality star had been in New York City to host the opening of a new speakeasy and eatery in Long Island City, called the Newsroom.

He’ll next appear on E!’s “House of Villains” starting October 12.

Taylor stars in a new E! show, “House of Villains.”
the toast/ youtube

Back in 2018, Taylor was on a Delta flight with his future wife, Brittany Cartwright, when she alleged that a fellow passenger put gum in her hair. 

JetBlue did not respond to request for comment. 

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