Canadian airlines rank last for on-time arrivals in North America

A new report says the country’s two biggest airlines ranked last for on-time performance among large North American carriers last month.

Aviation data company Cirium says nearly 28% of Air Canada flights, or more than 8,700, landed late in October, placing the company ninth out of 10 airlines on the continent.

You are reading: Canadian airlines rank last for on-time arrivals in North America

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The report found WestJet came last with nearly 29% of arrivals touching down late — defined as more than 15 minutes after scheduled arrival.

The two airlines’ on-time percentage of just over 70% falls far short of the North American average of 80% — itself the lowest of any region globally — while Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines and American Airlines all notched north of 85%.

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Nonetheless, Air Canada’s outcome marks an improvement from its tally of 68% the previous month.

In the past, Air Canada has pointed to a shortage of air traffic controllers, bad weather and a network running at full tilt amid high demand, which can mean longer recovery times after a disruption.

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