Kim Kardashian’s house might spark nightmares as she goes all-out for Halloween

Kim Kardashian has not spared any expense when it’s come to transforming her house for Halloween.

The reality star and businesswoman, 44, might have four children to enjoy trick or treating with, but she’s taken the spooky holiday one step further by splashing out on filling her $60 million (£49 million) with plenty of spine-tingling decorations.

Ahead of the weekend, Kim shared a series of photos and videos on social media of her haunted looking house.

Starting the tour with a video taken from her driveway, she began by telling her followers: ‘Ok I am pulling up to the house. Look at my Halloween decorations. Look at the hands you guys.’

Things only got creepier from there.

In her front garden a sea of plaster hands could be seen, with Kim then getting closer and saying they were the hands of her kids, family, friends and even their chef, with a knife shoved in the dirt next to that pair.

Kim Kardashian's decorations.
Kim Kardashian has shared a series of photos and videos of her truly terrifying Halloween house transformation (Picture: Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)

Kim Kardashian's decorations.
Her front garden is filled with plaster hands (Picture: Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)

Kim Kardashian's decorations.
Hooded figures line her hallways (Picture: Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)

Kim Kardashian's decorations.
Imagine facing these figures in the middle of the night (Picture: Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)

‘We had so much fun doing this and plastering all of our hands,’ she said.

Outside her home, there were also two towers that were covered in skulls and skeletons.

At the entrance, the arch was also covered with skulls, while there were even more inside covering her hallway.

In that area of the house there were also several hooded figures, who were lit up by candles by their feet.

As Kim explained: ‘These guys are pretty scary at night.’

Kim Kardashian.
Even Kim admitted it was all a little ‘creepy’ (Picture: Getty)

‘Pretty creepy,’ she added, seemingly stating the obvious as she zoomed in on the dementor-looking creatures.

She then shared a series of videos of the hallway with haunting music playing and consider us sufficiently spooked.

The Kardashian family are winning Halloween already, with Kim’s older sister Kourtney also sharing snaps of her costume, in which she did a ‘Freaky Friday’ switch and recreated Kim’s 2013 Met Gala look.

While there’s a chance she might have been throwing shade on Kim, who once said she ‘cried all the way home’ after her outfit was turned into countless memes during the event a decade ago, Kim did re-share the photo and captioned it with a series of clapping hands, clearly impressed.

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