Only Murders in the Building fans unimpressed by major episode 8 cliffhanger

Only Murders in the Building is a hug of a show, but the latest season left fans shocked and desperate for answers after a major cliffhanger at the end of episode eight. Warning, spoilers ahead… 

After ignoring his doctor’s advice and putting on a musical version of the murder mystery show Death Rattle, Oliver Putnam appears to have a second heart attack after his new love Loretta Durkin falsely confesses to the murder of Ben Glenroy and is led out of the theatre by police. While Mabel and Charles are on hand and instantly go to help him, the episode ends on a huge cliffhanger, with Oliver’s fate left unknown – and fans are not impressed. 

WATCH: Only Murders in the Building ends in major cliffhanger

Sharing a gif of Jennifer Lawrence repeatedly saying “what do you mean?!”, one person wrote: “That ending! OML OLIVER.” Another person added: “I’M UNWELL WHAT AN ENDING OLIVER STAY WITH ME.” A third person wrote: “Oliver you better stand the [expletive] up and I’m so serious.” 

Jeremy Shamos as Dickie and Meryl Streep as Loretta© Patrick Harbron
Jeremy Shamos as Dickie and Meryl Streep as Loretta

Finally, one person posted: “When I tell you that ending had me shooketh. The way Mabel and Charles immediately came to help him. Oliver Putnam stay with me!” 

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The episode also contained a major revelation about Loretta and her connection to Ben Glenroy. While some fans had already worked out the potential theory that Loretta was actually Dickie’s mother, Ben’s adopted brother who worked as his long-suffering assistant, it turns out that their suspicions were correct, and that Loretta had kept clippings of articles and photographs seemingly of Ben, but all featuring Dickie. 

In the episode, Dickie was about to be taken away by the police, leading Loretta to confess to Ben’s murder instead, but fans still do not think the mother and son duo did it. One person wrote: “I don’t think it’s Loretta. Might be Tobert but what’s his motive? I feel like Dickie might have done the first attempt and someone else finished the job when Ben was found to be alive or maybe the other way around? I kind of suspect Donna now.” 

Martin Short as Oliver Putnam in Only Murders in the Building© Patrick Harbron
Martin Short as Oliver Putnam in Only Murders in the Building

Another fan added: “Well it’s clear that Loretta did not do it, I doubt Dickie did it either. i really think it’s Tobert idk why. ALSO THE TRIO IS BACK.” Another person added: “What if Dickie THINKS he did it, told his mom “Loretta” so she’s covering for him thinking he did it but actually we will find out in the last ep that it’s Tobert.” What do you think? 

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