Letters, Sept. 19: E-bikes and scooters becoming a hazard on our streets

Mr. Thomas Caldwell’s article on the decline of Toronto could easily be substituted for the conditions in Calgary.

I note with particular interest his comment about the “war on cars” and how he experienced “three near misses with people on scooters and bicycles.” He also states “politicians will do anything to not offend cyclists.”

You are reading: Letters, Sept. 19: E-bikes and scooters becoming a hazard on our streets

I can account for a dozen or more scary incidents with e-bicycles, e-scooters and bicycles. Ignoring stop signs and other traffic signs, swerving in and out of parked cars, driving on the sidewalk, driving unsafely on the road and excessive speed. And there are many more stories of near misses.

Why do motorcycles need a licence and insurance but these motorized electric devices do not? I fear that someday I will read of a death or severe injury, and the car driver will be blamed.

Where are our mayor and councillors standing on this issue?

John Chandler, Calgary

Punishment overtakes prevention in outbreak

How high is the bar for public health inspectors?

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At last count, 342 people had fallen ill with E. coli, Alberta Children’s Hospital is overcapacity and children are on dialysis. And Fueling Minds had multiple previous citations.

The list is chilling: a cockroach infestation, inadequate concentrations of sanitizer to clean dishes and hands, and a van with no refrigeration capacity carrying food. What exactly were the public health inspectors waiting for?

This daycare is charging $1,000 a month per child and they couldn’t keep their kitchen clean.

Since this dangerous situation was ignored, the personal injury attorneys will now take over. Hopefully, the owners will lose their licence permanently and pay every last dime they have to the victims and their families.

What our government couldn’t enforce, the legal system will.

Robin James

Rezoning plans are a tax grab

I am a retired property owner, and an expert regarding property taxes because I pay monthly. Real estate values are the basis of property tax assessment values. Property taxes will increase due to blanket up-zoning and Local Area Plans policies with no increase in services.

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This is a blatant tax grab.

Greg Donaldson

Tory policies only foster hate

This weekend, the Conservative party passed two motions at their convention attacking the rights of the queer and trans community. The first would prevent trans youth from accessing gender-affirming care, and the second would prevent trans women from accessing key public services. All these motions would accomplish, if passed into law, would be to make life less safe for queer and trans people.

Providing gender-affirming care to trans and gender-diverse youth is linked to better mental-health outcomes and overall well-being. Gender-affirming care literally saves lives.

Queer and trans people deserve to exist in spaces that correspond with their gender. Taking that option away does nothing but make life less safe for people already facing daily discrimination.

The majority of Canadians want to see action on the cost-of-living crisis and climate change. These hateful policies exclude marginalized communities and distract from the real issues affecting Canadians.

There’s no room for hate in Canada. I’m calling on Pierre Poilievre and all Conservative MPs to stand up for the safety of the queer and trans communities, and all people affected by the far-right’s culture wars.

Rachel Clowes

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