Russell Watson’s wife gave their pet chicken ‘mouth-to-beak’ after it almost drowned in a swimming pool

Russell Watson’s wife acted heroically to save the life of their pet chicken after it almost drowned.

The classical singer owns a farm with wife Louise, and the couple take care of everything from alpacas to chickens in the idyllic Cheshire countryside.

But as anyone who’s watched an episode of Clarkson’s Farm will know, running a farmyard is not always smooth sailing – and the pair almost lost one of their animals in a tragic way.

Until, that is, Louise came to the rescue.

The musician appeared on Friday’s episode of Lorraine where he told stand-in presenter Ranvir Singh that they woke up one morning and realised one of their chickens – Christine – was missing.

They searched frantically for her, before they realised the bird was floating in their swimming pool.

Chicken Christine had a very lucky escape (Picture: Lorraine)
Chicken Christine had a very lucky escape (Picture: Lorraine)

russell watson
Russell started a farm in the countryside in part to escape the pressures of the music industry, but learned quickly that farms can be extremely stressful (Picture: Getty Images)

Russell immediately fished Christine out of the water, and admitted he thought she was ‘gone’ – until Louise took things into her own hands by giving the chicken the kiss of life and ‘pumping her chest.’

(Or as Russell called it, ‘beak-to-mouth.’)

Incredibly, it worked – Christine ‘woke up’came back to life’ and was right as rain.

russell watson and louise
Louise saved Christine’s life by performing ‘beak-to-mouth’ on the chicken (Picture: Getty Images)

It’s not an entirely happy ending however, as when Ranvir asked Russell if Christine was still okay now, he laughed and said: ‘No.’

So take from that what you will… life on the farm is not for the faint-hearted.

Famously, Russell himself got an insight into what it means to be a chicken when he took part in I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! in 2020, when he took part in the ‘rotisserie’ trial.

It involved him being rotated on a raft in a large container of batter while having to answer questions on general knowledge, while facing the threat of being feathered.

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