Suspected member of ‘Green Goblin’ group of thieves arrested: sources

One of the suspected members of a group of “Green Goblin” thieves who terrorized two women inside a Times Square subway train turned herself in on Monday, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Mariam Issouf, 26, surrendered to police Monday afternoon after she came in with her lawyer, according to sources. Issouf was arrested and charged with robbery, sources said.

You are reading: Suspected member of ‘Green Goblin’ group of thieves arrested: sources

Issouf, of Queens, is allegedly one of several female thieves dressed in neon green leotards who attacked two 19-year-old women and robbed them of a cellphone and handbag on Oct. 2, according to police and footage of the incident posted online.

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Some of the suspects had hoods and masks over their faces to conceal their identities, footage indicated.

The NYPD identified four members of the “Green Goblin” gang Friday — with Issouf one of the named suspects. The other three are Emily Soto, 34, and Ciante Alston and Dariana Peguero, both 26, police said.

Green goblin gang
The other members of the “Green Goblin” thieves have yet to turn themselves in to authorities.
Reddit / RoBoyJones
Green Goblin Gang
The assault and robbery were among many crimes committed on the NYC subway system in the past weeks.
Reddit / RoBoyJones

All four identified suspects live in NYCHA’s Queensboro Houses, police said.

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Issouf was the victim of a kidnapping back in 2001 when she was only 5 years old, sources said.

She was taken from her front yard by a 17-year-old perp who pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment in 2002 in exchange for long-term psychiatric care.

Other “Green Goblin” suspects have not been identified.

The investigation continues as cops search for Issouf’s alleged accomplices. 

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