Top prospect Stan Moody on tour plans, career goals and being behind Shaun Murphy’s success

Stan Moody
Stan Moody is ready to take on the world (Picture: WSF)

Stan Moody is preparing to take on the World Snooker Tour at just 16 years old, but while he is aiming for the very top of the sport, he is in no immediate rush to get there.

The teenager confirmed his place as one of the very brightest young talents in the game by winning the WSF Junior Championship in Sydney, Australia last month, earning a two-year tour card for the professional circuit in the process.

Moody then reached the final of the WSF Championship, open to amateurs all ages, proving once more the talent he possesses and the hard work he has put in, which is unquestionable.

‘We didn’t see any of Australia really, we were just going to the snooker club and going home, going to the snooker club, going home every day. The one day I had off I was practicing,’ Moody told .

‘I just tried to treat it as a holiday, if I do well it was a bonus, but I weren’t expecting anything, and I think in the end that’s why I did well, I didn’t put any pressure on myself,

‘Obviously in the last match against Liam [Pullen] there was a lot of pressure and nerves, but I think I just dealt with them a bit better.

‘I think I played solid over the whole two weeks, my safety was very good, my scoring was good. I didn’t miss any easy balls and I think that’s why I came out on top.’

In the final of the WSF Championship, Moody ran into the impressive Chinese 19-year-old Ma Hai Long, who beat him to that title and also booked himself a spot on the pro tour.

Moody liked what he saw from Ma, but admitted that with his own tour card secured, he didn’t quite have the motivation for the final that he would have done otherwise.

‘I hadn’t heard about him, obviously he’s a very good player, he’s got to be to win the event,’ said Moody.

‘If I’m being totally honest, it’s not that I couldn’t be bothered, but my job was done, I know it sounds bad. I was really tired as well which didn’t help, but if I played better I could have won it, but it is what it is.’

Despite being just 16, Moody has been on the scene for a little while, having won English titles at Under-14, 16 and 18 level, and memorably winning a match at the 2022 Shoot Out.

He has already got plenty of support and a growing fanbase, as was demonstrated after his great performances in Sydney.

‘My phone were blowing up, I had about 800 messages in total! Hard work answering all them,’ he said.

‘Shaun [Murphy] text me, Jordan [Brown] text me, a few other pros as well.’

Stan Moody
Moody and Ma will both be on the professional tour next season (Picture: WSF)

Moody will be embarking on the pro game for the first time next season but he has enjoyed help from experienced professionals already, practicing with Jordan Brown and with Shaun Murphy becoming something of a mentor for him.

Murphy is in immense form himself at the moment, and Stan was happy to take some credit after the Magician won the Players Championship in style last week.

‘He’s playing very well at the minute, I’m proud of him. I think stuff off the table has helped him as well and obviously practicing with me, that’s upped his game a bit,’ Stan joked.

Having a former world champion in his corner is a serious boost for the youngster, who explained how the link-up came about in the first place.

‘He said he’d known about me for years, people telling him I was a small version of him,’ Moody explained. ‘We met at an exhibition and he said he’d like to help out if we’d like that, then it’s gone from there.’

2022 Cazoo UK Championship - Day 7
Shaun Murphy has been donning some eye-catching gear this season (Picture: Getty Images)

Moody will be learning plenty from Murphy, but dismissed any idea that he would be copying the Magician’s sparkly stylings at the table.

Asked if he fancied the glittery waistcoat and trousers Murphy has been sporting, Moody said: ‘No, because I’ve got sense.’

The teenager does seem to be very sensible, and sounds like he’s heading onto the professional tour with the right attitude at such a young age.

He has the loftiest goals imaginable in the game, but will not be putting any pressure on himself to achieve them any time soon.

‘I’m just going to enjoy it,’ he said. ‘I said to my dad when I won the Junior Championship, I don’t care if I don’t win a match, it’s just about the experience, I’m going to enjoy it and see what happens.

‘I want to be world number one, world champion, win a load of ranking events, but that’s the same thing. If it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. We’ll just have to see.’

Moody is getting a crack at World Championship qualifying next month as he gets a real chance to test himself against professionals before his spell on tour really begins next season.

He admits that dreams of walking out at the Crucible are already there, and believes he can achieve it, but knows it is a huge test ahead of him.

‘Obviously it’s in my mind, but it’s going to be so tough because it’s back to best of 19s,’ he said. ‘Over the long match it’s going to be tough to beat the better players but I know if I play my best and play the right shots I’ve got every chance.’



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