Phillip Schofield slammed for probing Joey Essex about romance rumours on Dancing On Ice yet again

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield left Dancing On Ice fans unimpressed as they probed Joey Essex about his rumoured romance with Vanessa Bauer.

The Towie star, 32, is rumoured to be dating his professional skating partner Vanessa, 26, with the chemistry between them absolutely electric.

Dancing On Ice hosts Holly and Phil previously teased the pair about the rumours on the show, as they interviewed them following a Grease-themed dance.

After being asked about the nature of their relationship by Holly, Joey replied coyly: ‘Danny and Sandy are getting on pretty well,’ before saying he wouldn’t ‘confirm’ anything.

Now the subject has come up again, as Joey gushed over his ‘love’ for ice skating in the most recent episode of the show.

The star began by saying he now dreams about ice skating every night, and didn’t help the romance rumours as he declared: ‘I have actually fallen in love.’

He then paused, looked at Vanessa, and added: ‘With ice skating!’

vanessa and joey
Vanessa and Joey had yet another electrifying routine (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

vanessa and joey
The Towie star appeared to tease the rumours by announcing he had ‘fallen in love’ and pausing before he clarified he meant with ice skating (Picture: ITV)

Phil and Holly immediately began giggling, with the audience also heard laughing as Phil added: ‘Anything else?’

Joey paused before saying: ‘No, just the ice,’ as Vanessa chuckled beside him.

‘You started that!’ Phil then jabbed, with Joey throwing back his head in laughter.

And while that may be true, some viewers were less than impressed with the probing of their rumoured relationship, and took to social media to air their woes.

holly and phil
Holly and Phil were slammed for laughing and asking him if he had fallen in love with anything else (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

One annoyed viewer wrote: ‘I wish Phl stopped digging to get Joey to announce about his relationship with Vanessa. If they don’t want to talk about it, leave it at that.’

‘Do we really need Phil & Holly’s childish remarks to Joey every week,’ another moaned.

One viewer who was also annoyed at the hosts ‘trying to squeeze a story out of Joey and Vanessa’s relationship’ urged: ‘Husst let them skate, their personal life has nothing to do with it and is nobody else’s business.’

It comes after Phil, in an earlier episode, pressed: ‘Is it going steady?’

To which Joey replied: ‘I’m not confirming anything.’ 

Judge Christopher Dean told the pair: ‘Guys, whatever’s going on it’s working,’ while Ashley Banjo told Joey: ‘You’re one to watch.’ 

Joey had first sparked rumours by teasing: ‘There’s a bit of flirting going on. Vanessa’s single, I’m single…’ ‘

And joining Good Morning Britain to address the gossip surrounding himself and Vanessa, Joey appeared to confirm reports by stating both parties are ‘taking it slow’.

He explained: ‘The truth is, I’m single, Vanessa’s single, we go to the ice rink every day.

‘It’s cold, you’ve got to keep each other warm, so that’s it really.’

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