Parents’ joy as new babies arrive on UAE’s 51st National Day

It was a special 51st National Day for some families across the UAE as they welcomed their newborn babies on Friday.

The first born at Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi, on National Day was named Emarat by her parents, as an expression of gratitude to the country.

You are reading: Parents’ joy as new babies arrive on UAE’s 51st National Day

Syrian couple Reem Al Saleh and Yousif Ali Al Hussain welcomed their eighth child Emarat at 12.20am on Friday.

Baby Almas was born at NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah through Caesarean section at 38 weeks of gestation and weighed a healthy 3.5kg.

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“Our beautiful baby girl Almas is here, and she looks like a world of everything beautiful,” said her father, Mohammed Allazkani.

“We are so proud to welcome her, along with some extra love from her two elder sisters.

“We looked forward to her birth, and she has chosen the UAE National Day, an important day for us to remember for ever. We wish the rulers of this country all the happiness and best wishes.”

A baby boy called Nouh was born at 12.46am at NMC Royal Hospital, Sharjah.

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He arrived in the lives of Sanaa Alnims and Mohammed Kamal, a medical representative and a computer engineer respectively, both hailing from Palestine.

“Our third son has arrived, and his two brothers can’t wait to see him,” said Mrs Alnims.

“Our entire family is thrilled to see our third born, and it is such a joyous occasion to be shared with an even bigger piece of history — the UAE National Day.”

Nouh was born at 37 weeks gestation and weighed 2.88kg.

At Prime Hospital in Dubai, Filipino parents Ernil and Graziela made it a 51st National Day to remember when their baby daughter Eliziah was born at 6.26am.

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