David Muir’s confession about his appearance will leave you doing a double-take

David Muir has earned legions of adoring fans not only due to his impressive journalistic and news anchoring skills but also because of his good looks.

But the popular World News Tonight anchor made a confession about his appearance which may leave youlookingat him in a whole new light.

You are reading: David Muir’s confession about his appearance will leave you doing a double-take

Talking to Vanity Fair, David explained that many people believe he has an enormous head as it appears so in some photos.

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However, the 20/20 host insists that it’s simply not the case, it’s just his signature pose.

While chatting to the magazine he assured viewers that his head is not three times as big as theirs and said it’s the angle and the fact he’s normally in the foreground.


David also admitted that he has a “signature selfie face” in pictures with fans revealing that it is three-quarters toward the camera, with a pouty smile. “My head always looks three times the size” of everyone else’s, he said.

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David striking his signature pose with friend Kelly Ripa

Sure enough, on closer inspection of the 5ft 10-inch star, and his many snapshots with fans, friends and colleagues, his head does look larger.

Never-the-less, it’s unlikely to turn viewers off as it’s been working for him for years.

The star has a celebrated career and knew he wanted to work in the news industry from an early age.

David says the angle of his selfie face makes his head look big

Although his parents divorced when he was young they continued to parent David together and he remembers how they encouraged his ambitions.

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David opened up in an interview with Syracuse.com and said his mother and father would drive him to intern at a television studio even during the holidays.

“One of the images I won’t forget is my mother and my father driving me there on summer vacation or school breaks,” he said.

David says he always turns his head slightly in photos

“When most kids go off to do other things, I remember just begging them to take me to that TV station. I’m sure they dreaded it.

“Between the two of them, they had to get me there. To this day, I’m grateful they would drive me to 980 James St.”

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