Gemma Collins reveals ‘serious’ reason why she doesn’t want presents this Christmas

Gemma Collins
‘F*** presents, no offence’ (Picture: Jonathan Hordle/Shutterstock)

Gemma Collins has said she doesn’t want to be opening presents this Christmas, and shared the heart-breaking reason why.

The former Towie star, 41, has admitting thinking differently about Christmas gifting this year, in light of the rising cost of living crisis and the environment, and has said she would rather someone who was struggling was able to have heating.

‘When I am watching the news and seeing people losing their houses, this is serious.

‘I am really trying to do my bit this year.

‘I think that is why Christmas is going to be so special because we are all up against it and f*** presents, no offence.’

Gemma continued to The Sun: ‘You could give me a diamond encrusted Rolex, it wouldn’t mean anything to me, I would rather you took that money and go and put some old girls heating on or plant trees and give back to the planet.

Gemma Collins and Rami Hawash
Gemma snuggled up to her fiancé Rami Hawash who dressed up as Santa Claus (Picture: Gemma Collins Instagram)

‘I want nothing, my cup is full, there is nothing I need, there is nothing I want, I feel totally fulfilled in life.’

She added to the publication that instead of ‘diamonds’ which mean ‘jack s**t’ to her, she’d ‘love a greenhouse’, before saying that ‘Every day is Christmas for me,’ due to having things like electricity and food on the table.

Sharing pictures celebrating with her nearest and dearest, Gemma snuggled up to her fiancé Rami Hawash who dressed up as Santa Claus, complete with a flowing white beard.

The reality starlet’s mum Joan was also at the Xmas bash and enjoyed a peck on the cheek from her future son-in-law.

The GC captioned the post: ‘Merry Christmas 🎁 may you all have peace and happiness for 2023 💫.’

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