Secret Chevy with ‘incredible performance’ in the works

GM’s president last week alluded to a new 2024 offering that’s based on the C8’s architecture—but might not be a “Corvette”

  • GM’s prez, Mark Reuss, recently dished out the dirt on future Corvettes
  • The exec promises the sports cars will “put the world on notice”
  • We expect a heavy dose of electrification, but what’s this C8-based non-Corvette vehicle?

Speaking to a group of hungry Wall Street types during GM’s Investor Day last week, General Motors president Mark Reuss let loose with some tantalizing teasers into what may be in store for the brand’s historic high-performance nameplate, Corvette.

Of greatest interest was what Reuss described as an “incredible performance car,” one which he is said to have described as being able to “put the world on notice” whilst also setting the “standard of the world for performance for Chevrolet.” Them’s fighting words, especially since the mid-engine C8 platform is already bringing the goods in terms of performance without any form of electrification.

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Peering into the Corvette’s crystal ball is always tricky – witness the industry’s foretelling of a mid-engine ‘Vette for about, oh, fifty years – but there’s a solid chance Reuss was alluding to the upcoming Zora trim in his presentation to Gordon Gekko. And with electrification on the table, it’s not a stretch to infer the Zora may pair a twin-turbo V8 with two or three electric motors in order to crank out four-digit horsepower numbers. That would definitely suffice as a fulfillment of “incredible” and “putting the world on notice.”

Talking heads in Detroit and elsewhere are pointing out that Reuss didn’t specifically call this monster a “Corvette,” noting only that it will be based on the C8’s architecture. This could have been intentional or a simple product of Reuss’ refreshingly conversational speaking style. We’ll take this opportunity to remind readers that there is an appetite within GM to expand Corvette into something of a sub-brand, complete with gasser and EV variants and even a – gasp! – crossover-style vehicle.

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Keep in mind there are a number of Corvettes seemingly in the hopper, to the point where one may need a scorecard to keep track of it all. In addition to the variants currently on sale, an electrified Grand Sport is apparently in the works, melding a couple of electric motors with the familiar 6.2L V8 to provide about 600 horsepower and all-wheel drive.

That one may appear in 2023, with a force-fed ZR1 showing up further down the road (or track, as the case may be). Toss in an all-electric variant, plus those brand extensions mentioned above – also the Z06! – and you’ve got what could be the biggest Corvette catalog ever to grace Bowling Green.

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